colorful smoothies and fruit are not good foods for diabetic individuals

Creating a Diabetic Diet Plan: 30 Foods to Avoid

The American Diabetes Association notes that avoiding these foods is one of the first steps toward taking control of your diabetes.

30 Great Home Remedies for Constipation

30 Great Home Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is no fun. Lucky for you, you might be able to fix it at home!

15 Easy Ways to Get Your Bladder Under Control

30 Easy Ways to Get Your Bladder Under Control

If you have an overactive bladder or struggle with urge or stress incontinence, these are the best ways to manage it.

above view of cars in lines and rows prepared for a dealer car auction which is different from a public vehicle auction

Dealer Car Auction vs. Public Vehicle Auction: What's the Difference?

Which type of auction will be better for you when finding your new car? Here are the major differences between dealer car auctions and public vehicle auctions.

a gavel resting on a toy car showing that cars from auctions are a risk vs. reward

Pros and Cons of Buying a Car at an Auction

Could buying a car at an auction be a good way to save money on your next car? This pros and cons list can help you decide whether or not auto auctions are a good option for you.

two people discussing a business loan with a banker

What is a Business Loan?

Could your company use a business loan? It’s hard to know if you aren’t sure what a business loan is, but this guide gives you a quick overview and may help you decide if you should apply for one.

a man in an office is excited to take leadership development training

Top 5 Leadership Development Training Programs

Are you an individual or business looking for a leadership development program? These are the top classes you can take to improve your managerial skills.

A girl wears a simple hairstyle to work

5 Easy Hairstyles for the Office

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in the mornings on your hair to achieve a professional look. These easy, chic hairstyles only take a few minutes, so you can hit that snooze button once more without feeling guilty!

Plumbing tools

10 Tools Every Plumber Needs

Plumbing is more than just fixing leaks and unclogging toilets. As with every other repair-based profession, there are some things plumbers just cannot live without. Here are ten of the tools that every plumber needs.

cabin rental

Best Locations for Cabin Rentals

Renting a cabin can turn your vacation into treasured memories with your loved ones. These locations have great cabin rentals in or near beautiful expansive national parks that are ideal for couples or families.

beach house rental

Best Sites for Finding a Beach House Rental

Finding a beach house for your next vacation shouldn’t be so stressful that it’s hard to enjoy your upcoming R&R. These sites will make it easy to know what you’re renting and could even help save you money.

vacation rental house

House vs. Condo: Which Vacation Rental Should You Choose?

Vacation rentals give you more room than you’d have in a cramped hotel, but it can be difficult to pick between a house and a condo. These crucial differences may make the decision between the two much easier for you.

cluttered medicine cabinet

20 Worst Clutter Traps in Your Home

Cleaning up a little here and there will make a huge difference, especially if you focus on these 20 areas.

Man in military uniform sitting with wife and baby

Top 10 Places to Shop Online for Military Discounts

There are many benefits to joining the military, and one of them is price discounts at hundreds of stores. If you’re looking for some serious price cuts, here are the top 10 places for military members to shop online.

face shapes

24 Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

These hairstyles are customized for your face shape, and they're designed to bring out your best features!

ESL translation services

5 Best ESL Translation Services

Are you learning English as a Second Language? Using a translation app service could be exactly what you need to figure out a difficult word or phrase. These are the best of the best and can help you more than you’d think.

computer mouse and graduation cap

Pros and Cons of Taking English Classes Online

Are you trying to learn English as a Second Language or seeking an ESL certification online? Taking English classes online can be the perfect way for you to achieve your goals, but it may not be the right decision for you.

Woman weighs her options of online learning vs traditional

English Classes: Online vs. Traditional

Are you learning English as a Second Language? Choosing to take classes traditionally or online can be tough, especially since you aren’t sure which would be best for your learning style.

a ford f-150 truck

2017 Ford F-150: Picking a Trim

Ford F-150 puts the control in your hands with seven total trims. It’s nice to have options, but this many can be sort of overwhelming. Our breakdown can help you narrow the field.

Best Family Cars of 2017

Are you looking for a car upgrade for your family? Whether you’re looking for enhanced safety, a smooth ride, or lots of storage, these sedans have everything you could want for a family vehicle.

Ford Explorer: Base vs. XLT

The 2017 Ford Explorer gives you seating for seven without cramping your style in a minivan. The two lowest trims are a great option for any driver, but should you pay the extra cash for the XLT trim?