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20 Weird Side Effects for Common Prescriptions

Keep reading to learn more about some of the craziest things that can happen with certain prescriptions.

winter superfoods for the cold and flu

20 Winter Superfoods to Fight the Cold & Flu

While the intesnity of cold and flu season varies from year to year, these nasty illnesses always manage to show up in one form or another.

30 common dreams and what they mean

30 Common Dreams and What They Mean

New research suggests that our dreams are our brains’ way of communicating. Here are 30 common dreams and what they might be trying to tell you!

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30 Toys From Your Childhood That Could Pay for Your Retirement

We all have to outgrow our toys at some point, but hopefully, they were kept safely boxed away--because some could be worth serious money! Here are 30 toys rare enough to help pay for retirement. 

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The Salaries of White House Employees

Working at the White House means rubbing elbows with some of the most powerful people on the planet. However, the pay isn't as glamorous as the job and some of these almost just doesn't seem worth it for all the work that goes into the position.

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History's 30 Greediest Gold Diggers

“Gold digger” gets thrown around as an insult a lot. Though most accusations are a reach, sometimes marriage is so clearly about money or fame that it’s impossible to deny. Here are 30 of the worst cases ever.

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Rags to Riches: Celebrities' Jobs Before They Made it Big

Before they started living the glamorous lives of Hollywood stars, some of these celebrities worked not-so-glamorous jobs. From salesmen to lion tamers, these celebrities have done it all.

Home office dos and donts

21 Productive Home Office Dos and Don'ts

If you're currently working from home and need ideas to spruce up your home office, get inspired with these 21 home office do's and don'ts!

memes about working from home

Memes About Working From Home That Are Spot On

Millions of people across the world are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting to the new normal isn't easy. Luckily, people haven't lost their since of humor and are sharing their hilarious new reality. If you're looking for a little humor or a good laugh during this tough time, we are here for you. We present you 30 hilarious memes that perfectly apply to the life of every empoyee working from home.

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15 Ancient Structures Still in Use Today

Almost everything has a shelf life, but a handful of architectural feats were built to stand the test of time. You'll find just a few examples in this list of 15 ancient structures still in use today!

Connecticut is seeing a net decrease in population.

20 States Whose Residents Are Leaving

Every year, United Van Lines publishes a list each year of the states with the lowest ratio of inbound traffic to outbound—more people coming than going. These states are the ones seeing a net loss in population.

Youngstown, Ohio, is the saddest city in America.

30 Saddest Cities in the U.S.

Not all residents here are crying in their homes; however, their emotional well-being overall is lower than average. If you live in one of these cities, you might have to work extra hard to achieve social and financial success.

19 Far-Out '70s Films Everyone Should See at Least Once

If you’re looking for a flashback to the ‘70s, here are 20 classics you must watch or rewatch!

An old horror movie that still gives us nightmares

40 Old Horror Movies That Still Give Us Nightmares

New horror movies often rely on cheesy effects or gratuitous violence for scares, but classic horror movies never needed any of that to give us nightmares! Here are 40 old horror movies that still make our skin crawl!

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26 Ways to Get More Out of Gray Hair

Why should you embrace and love your grays? Let’s be honest—because you earned them! But if you need more reasons, let’s talk about how much easier and cheaper it is to embrace the gray and stop color-treating it.

the city in each state with the lowest graduation rate

The City in Each State with the Lowest Graduation Rate

High absenteeism, low GPA, being retained one or more years in school, failed one or more classes in the freshman year, family characteristics, issues related to poverty, school experiences, being off-track to graduate on time.

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States With the Best and Worst Graduation Rates

Some states are doing a great job educating their students while others...let's just say they need a little help.

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25 Fashion Trends Your Mom Rocked at School (But You Can't)

These are 25 items kids these days can’t even think about sporting, but you could rock whenever you walked through the school hallways. How many of these vintage outfits did you wear to school?

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Car Repairs Mechanics Will Try to Scam You On

Next time repairs are needed, don't fall victim to one of these awful scams.

a tesla model s has the longest electric car range

Every Electric Car Ranked by Longest Range

Range anxiety is real. What everyone wants to know is how many miles you can go on a charge! Are those EPA MPGe fuel economy ratings really helpful?

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The Best and Worst Mid-Size Trucks of 2019

We rank 6 mid-size trucks from worst to best by combining their ratings on driving performance, standard features, design, and value.